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Saturday, December 24, 2016

It's the holiday rush. People left and right are getting together and having parties. Sometimes, it gets a bit busy and it's hard to do things at home and prepare for yourselves. At SHANGRI-LA FORT, they can do everything for you.

This season, SHANGRI-LA FORT'S HIGH STREET CAFE is the perfect place for parties. It's a buffet that has everything that you might want or need. The fact that it comes with the SHANGRI-LA name, means that it is something worthwhile and the expectations will be met.

The quality and choices of cuisine are aplenty in their HIGH STREET CAFE. More than just offering holiday themed drinks and cocktails, they have a gastronomic menu to entice buffet lovers and party goers. Perfect for everyone that fancy a bit of everything.

Seafood are freshly picked and are prepared in different manners. One could go for the decadent oysters and even some shrimp cocktail.

Starting off with some finger foods, one could pick up a wrap. Perfect while waiting for other people in your party to arrive. One could munch on these goodies without the guilt of getting full quickly.
A perfect example would be this brie filled bread wrap that's covered with mangoes. Sweet and sexy definitely a must try from their buffet.
Once everyone is present, the main courses are right there for the taking. More time to chat and eat since everything is prepared way in advance.
Aside from the usual bites, there are some Chinese, Western and even Filipino delicacies that are quite delicious. One could start off with some abalone. Cooked with a sweet touch, this one is perfect with steaming white rice. Furthermore, one could go for beef cheeks as well. These are tender and done in a delicious manner. Very savory and perfect with mashed potatoes.
Since it is the Holidays, they have a bit of crunchy surprises as well. Crispy lechon or roasted pig belly is prepared for everyone to try out. Accompanied by different sauces, you can mix and match for your taste buds.
Another addition to the menu would be the TURKEY. The meat is juicy and tender. It works with the different vegetables and sidings that you may want to try out.
Aside from the steaks, lamb, fish, and other grilled options, the HIGH STREET CAFE also offers some humongous grilled freshwater crayfish.

If there was one thing that you must try from the spread would be the LAKSA. Since the weather is a bit cooler now, this dish would be excellent. The soup is a little bit spicy but tolerable and the flavors are present.
Dessert is well represented in SHANGRI-LA FORT. They have countless cakes and even yule log that is deconstructed. Definitely a must get for that sweet tooth.
In case you find yourself in a bind, go look for CHEF JORIS RYCKEN or his staff. He can whip up a storm and you thank him for everything. Being able to pass on the stress to other people is an amazing way to spend the holidays. At SHANGRI-LA FORT, they can take care of you and your loved ones. No fuzz and no mess.

30th Street, Corner 5th Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila
Website of Shangri-la The Fort

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Written by Lovely

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