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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

As one enters the lounge, a blast from the past happens. It seems a certain NOSTALGIA creeps up and engulfs you. Comfortable and plush seating with a touch of old school memorabilia lining up the wall. Everything screams classy and refined.

For next few days, the lunch buffet at OAKWOOD would be of a CHINESE NEW YEAR themed. Different Chinese dishes are prepared and readied for the consumption of its patrons.
Even if the place is not as big as other buffet restaurants or hotel dining establishments, OAKWOOD'S Nostalgia could go up against the best. Everything is served with distinction. Different dishes line up each corner of the buffet room.
Small plates and appetizers such as tofu, siomai and spring rolls were simple yet done properly. The siomai was freshly made and the spring rolls delivered a clean taste. There was no rancid and oily feeling after each bite.
Surprisingly, the Chinese Beef Stew was a crowd favorite. The meat is tender and the sauce spot on. This would be a perfect rice topping. Something that one should not miss. Other than this, chicken dishes were created to play with your appetite. In addition, the sweet and sour fish was fried in such a manner that the cover and the breading are crisp and not soggy. The sauce wasn't overly sweet as well. A balance between flavors.
To make the meal a bit sinful, crispy lechon macau was roasted for everyone to enjoy. The skin was crunchy and the meat was juicy. It was the perfect bite.
Since OAKWOOD caters to a lot of healthy eaters, guests could start of with some greens. Vegetables and other salad components are placed in one corner for everyone to enjoy. One could create their own with all the fresh ingredients and dressing one could imagine.
A soup and noodle station is just what the weather calls for. This time around, Chinese Five Spice soup was used as the base broth for the dish.
Dessert was a mix of traditional Chinese-Filipino delicacy like Buchi and Sticky Rice. They also offered some tarts and different kinds of cake. The most impressive though would be the apple crumble though. Not too sweet and the texture profile was like that of pie. I liked it.
Another reason to enjoy the Chinese New Year. At OAKWOOD ORTIGAS, simple and straightforward dishes are served to accompany the relaxed setting.

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6th Floor
OAKWOOD Premier Joy-Nostalg Center
17 ADB Avenue., Ortigas Center,
Pasig City, Metro Manila
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Written by Lovely

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