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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Just drinks and some chow. That was how the bar at the HOLIDAY INN HOTEL MAKATI seems to put it. Quite simple and straightforward. Located on the roof deck with the pool, one could relax and enjoy the sun sets while having a drink or two.
You pick a seat outside for a little bit of that chill breeze or stay inside by the bar. There are times that there's a band or even a dj that could play your favorite tune.
Most of the dishes that they serve are perfect bar chows. They have a salmon dip that you could partner with the different sauces of the nachos.
There's also some deep fried goodies like this cheesy potato croquette and calamares.
Having a beer would go perfectly well with their version of the fish and chips. Believe it or not the fries was the star of this dish. It seems they were cooked twice. It retained the crispiness and had a bit of chewy texture.
They also make their own pizza from scratch. It's a bit of an overload but having a slice on one hand and a drink on the other would let you take it easy all night long.
Of course visitors and guests would sometimes need more than just snacks. The bar also serves a mean version of the beef salpicao that it warrants a cup of rice or two.
It's really the company and the experience that makes a place great. It's how you perceive everything. Cheers Holiday Inn Hotel Makati.

Holiday Inn Hotel Makati
Palm Drive, Ayala Center,
Makati City, Metro Manila
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Written by Lovely

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