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Monday, September 14, 2015

Interesting how something so simple could be delicious. Having a brunch that exemplify this and enjoying it is a treat. 

Starting things off with a cup of coffee to wake me up. That is how brunch is. Delicious and stimulates the senses. It wakes us up. 

My friends and I were treated to a 5 course meal. A brunch that would be served all day. Just a pop up event but I wouldn't mind enjoying this every other week. 

We started with the FAUX SALMON BENE.  This "bene" is a play on the usual breakfast treat we would have. The cured salmon was simple and delicious. I enjoyed the crunch that the skin gave.
Coffee brined Salmon. Tobiko. Potato Chips. Cured Egg Yolk. Carrot Sea Urchin Broth. Brioche. Pickles and Radish Flowers. 

Next up was the BACON BANANA BUTTERMILK. This is an amazing dish that I couldn't get enough of. The bacon's fat is an integral part and must not be discarded. The banana waffles underneath could be a dish on its own. NO SHARING.
 Over ripped banana waffles, whipped buttermilk butter, berry confit, black sesame spread and spiced honey.

 To have something fresh and healthy, the next is a HOMAGE to MICHEL "The Farm". This is a vegetarian's delight. Honestly, it was too healthy for my taste as I usually stay away from vegetables. BUT, the flavors were wonderful and it worked well with one another. 
 Vegetable and Fruit Garden, Labne made with Hacienda Macalauan Yogurt, Malted Nage Dressing, Burnt Bread Soil, Oat and Coconut, Flowers and Herbs. 

 STEAKSILOG. That basically sums up this dish. A classic reinvented. It uses kitayama wagyu for the steak so we can be assured of its quality. I like how the steak was moist and tender. The rice healthier as it is "mountain rice". The addition of a glaze gave more flavor to the rice. If only we could have ordered more rice.
 Wagyu flank, Ssam Romesco, Egg White and Honey Souffle, Black Garlic Rice, Wild Mushroom, Furikake.

To end the meal, we had the SUMMER KAT. A cake like no other. Even if the base was zuchinni, I could still taste the use of the banana. The cake on the other hand was just perfect. It was moist and soft. No dry parts here. The use of the candied bacon made it incredibly good and sweet.
Zuchinni Cake, Maple whipped cream, Candied bacon, Dulce de leche, hot chocolate sauce.

I truly enjoyed the course that it led me to go back later in the night. The same excellent food. 
I can't wait for GAS3NOMIC's next pop up event. 

The dishes served are something that came out from an incredible mind. The execution were flawless and being able to experience this is something that I would like to have a repeat. Yes, it was that good. 

BRUNCH last August 29, 2015
at CCA Chef's Table
Katipunan, Quezon City
Metro Manila
Instagram: @gas3nomic

Suggest you follow their facebook page 
to check out when their next event would be. 

Disclaimer: Was invited to try this pop up event. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. Your photos make my mouth water. The faux salmon bene looks so colorful and tasty. The bacon dish looks small but terrible with different creative ingredients that sum up to a remarkable dish. Yup, no sharing on that one! This is also my cup of coffee.

  2. Thanks a lot Roch. Next time if you guys are free you should join us on their next event. Cheers girl! Have a good one!