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Thursday, September 17, 2015

"What is Mexican Food?" I actually can't answer more than tacos and quesadillas. This had me research a bit and I figured that it is somewhat similar to Spanish and Filipino Cuisine. I guess food does connect society from one place to another. Thankfully though, DIAMOND HOTEL'S CORNICHE is hosting a MEXICAN FOOD FESTIVAL until September 20th. No more theories and concepts but actual food all there to answer my queries.

Aside from tacos and quesadillas, I actually have no idea what Mexican food is all about. Well, I do enjoy the occasional chips and nachos but DIAMOND HOTEL'S CORNICHE made sure to bring in the big guns. They flew in Chef Daniela Romero from Mexico to present authentic Mexican Dishes. Having owned a few restaurants and having a unique culinary past on her belt, I figured she knows what she is doing.

The buffet spread was actually enormous that I could only handle a few dishes. You could start with some TORTILLA SOUP. Adding a bit of sour cream made it perfect.
Surprisingly, it wasn't too spicy and I enjoyed the warmness it brings to my tummy.

You could also get with some appetizers that the chef made. From Pork Carnitas to Pulled Pork Taquitos and Chicken Chimi, I really didn't know what to pick.
 One thing that was familiar though was the Chicken Quesadillas. The chicken was moist and that is a deal breaker for me when it comes to these dishes. I liked how the cheese wasn't overpowering yet it fits in perfectly with every bite. It won't fill you up quickly so more space in the tummy.  This is definitely a must get.

Aside from the pica-pica, I also enjoyed the CAMARONES en SALSA de CHILE CHIPOTLE. In lay man's term, it is sauteed shrimps in chipotle sauce. Chipotle is actually a smokey creamy sauce. I enjoyed munching on the shrimps because one spoonful is never enough!

They also prepared a few hot dishes for us to try. On the left is the PESCADO GUACHINANGO a la VERACRUZANA. This fish fillet dish is served with a spicy sauce along with a plethora of seasoning and herbs. It is really hot so be careful. 
On the right is the BEEF CARNI. Basically, marinated flank steak with pepper beans and chili.

A meat lover's delight would be the QUESO FUNDIDO with NATIVE CHORIZO. Think chorizo and generous serving of melted cheese on top. Meaty and cheesy. All you need now is bread. BUT, I would definitely go for a huge cup of rice too.
Of course, they had a roasting section that housed baked fishes and also this wonderful creation. The SLOW COOKED SHORT RIBS!!!! Deadly Stuff!!! Paired with different sauces, you won't know what hit you. Moist and tender. YUMMY!

 For dessert, they had a few dishes that definitely SCREAM MEXICAN. I can't help but compare Mexican desserts to ours and how similar it is with what we have here.
 From churros, to ARROZ con LECHE to MANZANASALMEN DRADAS to FLAN NAPOLITANA. The Arroz con Leche is your sticky rice with milk that has raisins and a cinnamon flavor. The Manzanasalmen dradas is similar to mini tarts that we have in the province. Yes, The Flan Napolitana is just like our very own leche flan.
 I must also say that DIAMOND HOTEL makes their own cute chocolate that are there for the taking. Every time I would pass by the dessert spread, I can't help but look at these pretty chocolate creations. If I must pick one, the salted caramel (rectangular) is perfect but the Pralinosa (heart shape) is definitely a keeper with its ferrero like flavor.
 An awesome meal ender for a single heart. 

Aside from Mexican Food, they also had Japanese, Indian, Chinese and Filipino dishes in the spread. So basically, this food festival highlighted Mexican Cuisine but still had a lot of choices for you to enjoy. Buffet is priced at 2,550Php nett. Corniche's Mexican food festival would only last until the September 20, 2015 for both lunch and dinner so please don't wait and come on over. 

Did I mention that an authentic mariachi band plays a few tune to get you into that Mexican Foodie Spirit?

Roxas Blvd cor. J Quintos St.
Manila City, Metro Manila

(632) 528-3000 or (632) 305-3000

Disclaimer: Was invited to try the spread. Wrote this based on my experience. Thank you very much for having us.
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